The two founders of the First Quarter Company are Jánnos Eolou & Dimitrios Mourtzopoulos

Jánnos Eolou studied Mechanical Engineering as well as Music in the UK and in the USA but also sound engineering and worked as a composer for the cinema, theatre, dance as well as the direction of multidisciplinary art-works since his early student years.

Dimitrios Mourtzopoulos studied Electrical Engineering but worked as a Director and DoP since his early student years.

Since 2005 their endeavors include 3D stereoscopic works and films for special installations in Museums combining animation and live filming using innovative multi-camera techniques.
Together they combine a strong technical background and expertise with artistry in story telling as well as production mastery in almost every medium (film, TV, web, AR/VR, animation, live filming and so on).

In their 20+ years of work they have managed to found companies that were:
– the first in the Northern Greece to create 3D computer animation in the 1980-90s,
– the first and only company to produce its proprietory system for “video to film transfer” and work in hundreds of films from Greece and abroad
– one of the first companies to work with multiple art-forms in an innovative way technologically and artistically
– one of the first companies to work with multiple, synchronised projections on many screens of different size, orientation, etc in Museums and other exhibitions
– the first company that produced 3D stereoscopic films (watched with special 3D glasses) – they have produced more than 17 films till today
– one of the first companies to work in a transmedia storytelling manner with the use of publication on books and e-books, games, Apps, AR/VR, web videos, and so on.